Leveraging the Telehealth Model for Local NPOs (Regardless of What You Do)

The major healthcare organizations are looking to leverage the capabilities of telehealth systems to reach more clients and capture greater efficiencies. Is this model relevant for local organizations, even those not in the health care industry? You bet it is!

In brief, telehealth combines videoconferencing with additional sensor information and user input to allow a medical professional to interact with a remote client. Using the same operational model, it becomes clear how local organizations can be using similar (and significantly less costly) equipment and processes to serve part of their client base.

What Does This Mean for You?

Beginning with low cost voice over IP (VoIP) solutions like Microsoft Lync or Skype, it is possible to bring basic videoconferencing into your operational mix. However, by also leveraging simple web-based tools such as surveys or collaboration services such as Office365, it is possible to have true bi-directional interaction with your clients and strategic partners.

In an era where time is scare, any opportunity to fully participate with stakeholders without incurring the time impact of crosstown travel, should be given strong consideration. And if this increases stakeholder participation, so much the better.

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