Do the Math

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Regardless of organizational size or operational domain, today we live in a data-driven world. That means that almost every organization is going to need to collect, analyze, decide, and act based on some amount of data, be it large or small, anonymous or customer-specific. The challenge to a small organization is that while you may have staff that fully understands analytical rigor and responsibility, as well as the tools and techniques required to build quality data collection and analytical instruments, they probably have neither the time, nor recent relevant experience in doing so. Unfortunately, data analysis skills tend to fade with time, even though the core understanding of the usages and interpretation may not.

That’s where Kelcey & Co. comes in. Since we work with numerous small businesses and community-based organizations, ongoing data analysis of all types are a regular part of our operations. So, whether it’s pure quantitative data analysis, or the development of much more focused qualitative surveys based on Likert scales, we can help you not only design the correct tool, but also crunch the numbers, support you in interpreting those numbers, and then finally be there as your implementation partner when you are prepared to execute on a new or revised strategy. As we learned early on in school, when it comes down to understanding what’s going on, you have to do the math. And in this case, maybe you should let us do the math for you.