No organization should buy business technology that it does not understand, does not have the functional ability to manage, and that makes little financial sense. Kelcey & Co. can help you avoid this fate.

A Process and Technology Assessment (PTA) can help the organization increase its business agility by applying the right applications and processes to the right areas of need and opportunity across all internal and external user constituencies. This strategic approach can help to maximize organization benefits, minimize the risks inherent in any technology-related initiative, and to ensure executive and stakeholder buy-in. An additional advantage of the PTA is that initiatives can be aligned with broader business strategies and can be prioritized based upon their potential for providing the maximum benefit to the organization.

A technology assessment is not about saying “You need the latest and greatest software or hardware, so you should update now.” To the contrary, the core question of the assessment is “What does your organization do, and what tools are available to help you accomplish those goals.” This is not a simple question with a curt answer. Many aspects of your organization must also be considered including budgets (What funding is available for capital and O&M expenses in the current and future years?), personnel (Do you have access to the skillsets required to support various technical or business process capabilities, and the operational nature of your organization (Is everyone at the same site? Does your organization operate on a 24-hour schedule?)

Once these and other core issues are discussed, Kelcey & Co. can help you develop a flexible, long-term strategy for deploying a business and technical architecture that is in concert with your goals. But we do not stop there. We will also be available to support your organization throughout the implementation, training and operations of this strategy, and always in a manner consistent with your organization’s needs.

There are also benefits in approaching business strategy from an organization-wide viewpoint, as opposed to a topic-centric viewpoint. Implementing an organization-wide strategy can yield considerable advantages over rolling out applications on a case-by-case basis. It presents the opportunity to leverage the synergies between applications from both a technical and business perspective. This creates an overall value that is greater than the sum of the individual parts.

The PTA takes into account both the “as-is” environment and the “to-be” environment. It leverages existing investments in applications and skill sets, but also provides a clear path toward the “to-be” organizational goals.

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