Services Overview


Kelcey & Co. provides three types of services:

  • Business and Technology Strategy
  • Personal and Professional Coaching
  • Technical Education/Skill Development.

All of these service lines are filtered through the lens of systems thinking and fundamental systems engineering principles. By taking this approach, we ensure that you have the skills, capabilities, and capacity to not only execute your goals, but to also gain a deeper understanding of the underlying core issues facing your organization. We address your current needs, while enabling your vision for the future and supporting your long-term strategic success.

The ability to serve a wide range of needs is one of our greatest strengths. When you work with Kelcey and Co., you can expect:

  • In-depth knowledge and expertise
  • An understanding of your specific industry
  • Day-to-day advice
  • In-depth counsel for unusual or complex issues
  • Prompt attention and service
  • Services in Sync With Your Needs and Budget

We will work with you to determine the most practical and efficient means to achieve your intended goals within your budget, and in a timely manner.

Kelcey and Co. is built on the principle that our clients should receive the highest level of attention and input, and you will have access to our full array of experience.



We are your strategic trusted advisor  and your partner for management and operational consulting; taking strategic vision, linking it to day to day operations, finding opportunities to be efficient and smart about meeting the mission with the resources at hand. Read More


"If you knew better, you'd do better." We provide a learning framework to ensure that you individually or as a team has the guidance and feedback to understands the full context of your goals and helps you build the flexibility  and resiliency for success. Read More

Skill Development

We link Skill Development with Technical Education based on our own experiences, both standing at the blackboard (or whiteboard, or smart board) as well as our experience sitting in the audience and focus on  “knowledge of” + “knowledge how.” Read More