Professional Development & Training

There is an old saying, "If you knew better, you'd do better." This applies to individuals as they pursue their own career goals, as well as teams and organizations seeking greater institutional performance. 

In either case, Kelcey & Co. leverages the same approach. We provide a learning framework to ensure that you individually or your team as a whole knows what to do, how to do it, and more importantly, understands the full context of the activities. This enables you to be flexible in relation to operational realities (and the vagaries of life). 

Any type of professional development, be it career coaching or technical training, is of little value if you only have the knowledge to move in a sequential and serial fashion as opposed to having the skill to tailor your actions in relation to a constantly evolving environment. This is why we stress a "full context" approach as an enabler of flexibility as well as helping our clients understood the value of following processes and the implications of failing to do so. By focusing on the application of knowledge we move the learner closer to realizing value for themselves and their organizations. 

In addition to developing personal development plans, skill area evaluation guides, and instruction materials targeted at the three methods of learning (visual, aural, and kinesthetic), we also leverage multiple approaches geared to the user's level of familiarity and experience with a knowledge area, technical application, or business process. We can use a simple, linear, step-by-step teaching model, presented in the context of a scenario, or more robust guidance based on complex decision-trees where the learner explores the multiple outcomes that are possible. In short, we deliver the guidance that is right for you, in the right mode, at the right time.


We treat coaching as a focused and personalized form of professional development and training. As such, we leverage many of the same core approaches that we use in our broader programs. They key difference is that in our coaching practice, we tighten the focus on just you. Specifically, we provide three types of coaching:

Life Coaching is structured to help you understand your current situation and then define your goals and the actions required for attainment. We take a positive support position where we do not soft-pedal the truth, but we also make sure to identify your strengths and find ways for you to better leverage them. Ultimately, our approach is tailored to fit your needs, your timetable, and your desired level of intensity. 

Career Coaching focuses on helping you accelerate your career, find a new path, or simply get back "in the game" in a meaningful way. We begin with a review of your resume so we share a baseline understanding of your skills and experience and work with you to develop a collaborative plan of action. Of course at the end of the day, your career is your responsibility. Or goal is to help you achieve yours. 

Business Coaching is a hybrid of both Life and Business Coaching. Specifically, for business leaders, the success of a business venture is an integral part of life success. Therefore, not only do we leverage our deep experience in enterprise operations and strategic improvement, but we also consider the trade offs that may be required and the benefits to be gained as part of developing and maintaining a successful business.