Somebody Should Help These Guys

...and maybe that somebody is us.


Somebody Should Do Something…..

This business is the result of some professional observations that I began making in the mid-90s. While engaged in several ad hoc consulting projects for community-based nonprofits, I realized that what these organizations needed was something very similar to the type of full-spectrum consulting provided by the large management consultancies.  However, the cost and pricing structures of those larger consulting firms made their services beyond prohibitive to the solo entrepreneur, small business, or nonprofit.

Cost notwithstanding, the need for operational insight, strategic planning, and technical guidance was clear. Our clients needed the ability to look “over the hill” and prepare for what’s next, while also performing at their best in the present.

What they needed was Kelcey and Co. And over the past two decades, we’ve built the firm that exists today.

Our value proposition is this: high quality, affordability, a proven track record of execution, and deep knowledge of the local community. The services we provide are at a level of quality and expertise typically only available to larger organizations. However, we bring this value to bear at the local community level. Our combination of broad experience and deep community involvement gives us the strategic and operational edge that your organization needs for success.

Our Approach and Philosophy

Recall an instance where you sought to complete a simple household project that required you to return to your local merchant several times for additional tools, materials, or guidance. Individuals and organizations often make these same mistakes and face similar repetitive challenges, but on a significantly greater scale. Why is this so?

By taking a systems thinking approach and applying systems engineering fundamentals to architecting and executing solutions, we help individuals and organizations fully comprehend the core issues at hand, the scope of the challenge and opportunities, and the risks and opportunities to be considered. With such clarity, effective and consistent momentum can be established, while minimizing unnecessary setbacks and repetitive mistakes.

Unlike a traditional consultancy, we are not here to “give” you answers. Our focus is to guide you through a framework that enables you to identify the most effective solutions for you as an individual or as an organization. The end solution and actions belong to you. That said, we hold a deep responsibility to ensuring that you have all of the tools and expert support required to make the highest quality decisions possible.

Wealth of Knowledge and Diversity of Experience

We emphasize a team approach because we know it's the best way to deliver value-added service and to ensure that we tap the full resources of the team on your behalf.

Additionally, we have a demonstrable commitment to diversity. Our strength as a team is rooted in the diversity of our consultants, professional staff, and support personnel. We promote a culture of mutual respect, understanding and inclusion of all team members. We value the varied backgrounds of each of our team members because we know they make our team stronger and better able to serve you.

Here To Serve You

We are proud of our ability to give our clients the highest level of service and outstanding counsel. We invite you to learn more about our organization and our team by contacting us via email or telephone.