Introducing Kelcey & Co. 

We are a small team that applies a disciplined systems engineering approach to a variety of innovative and entrepreneurial pursuits. Therefore, we do not limit ourselves to a specific industry or business domain. Rather, we look for opportunities to leverage a diverse but integrated skill set to create social and economic value for our clients as well as our internal projects. Our core skill set encompasses the following knowledge areas:


what we can do for you

Put simply, we help you be a better you. And by "you," we mean both "you" the individual and "you" the organization. While there are several pages, videos, and whatnot on this site explaining everything in more detail, allow us to give you the quick version here. 

In order to be successful, both individuals and organizations need to have a good idea where they are going, how they are going to get there, and how to recognize that the journey has been successful or is off-track. Therefore, we provide support and guidance in the development of strategic and operational plans (where are you going and how will you get there), identification of metrics (how you can tell if you're being successful), and professional and technical skill development (the tools that you will need along the way). 

If you take a step back, you'll observe that the same approach that we use for a business or organizations can generally have the same value for individuals. The only difference: when we work with a company, it's called "consulting." When we work with an individual, it's called "coaching." In both cases, success is the goal. 

The "how" is also relatively straight-forward. We use a combination of a disciplined systems thinking and systems engineering approach combined with years of experience in multiple domains. The result is that we guide and support you with a solution designed and optimized specifically for you.

The one thing that we do not do is play the "look how smart we are" game. What's the point in that? Although we know the "ten dollar words," what they mean, and how to use them, we see little value in strutting like a peacock when it is so much more useful to be assisting you in achieving your vision. Instead we bring a sharp set of tools to bear on your strategic, operational, or capability challenges and help you and your team improve (or just you as an individual). 

At the end of the day, our role is to help you perform better by implementing the skills appropriate to your needs. Period.

We know what we bring to the table and we know we can help. 

Drop us a line and let's chat.

Our Past is Prologue.

While it is an oversimplification to state that we are all the product of our history, in the case of Kelcey & Co., it is very appropriate for us to highlight part of the story of how we became the team that we are now and how we can leverage that experience for you.