Introducing Kelcey & Co. 

We are a small team that applies a disciplined systems engineering approach to a variety of innovative and entrepreneurial pursuits. Therefore, we do not limit ourselves to a specific industry or business domain. Rather, we look for opportunities to leverage a diverse but integrated skill set to create social and economic value for our clients as well as our internal projects. Our core skill set encompasses the following knowledge areas:

Our Past is Prologue.

Our team has been integral parts of several projects and small enterprises. The value of this history is that we bring a legacy of experience in different venues attacking different challenges, and apply those "lessons learned" to opportunities that we see today.


what can we do for you?

Glad you asked. Our specialty can be summed up as "positive external support." Kinda "new-age", huh? What it means is that when we provide strategic plan development support, or process definition and compliance analysis, or any service for that matter, the one thing that we do not do is come in and play the "look how smart we are" game. What's the point in that (especially, since it is likely not true). Instead we bring a sharp set of tools to bear on your strategic, operational, or capability challenges and help your team improve. At the end of the day, our role is to help your team perform better by implementing the skills appropriate to your needs. Period.

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